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403 Chemin du Bois du Four
69380 Chatillon d'Azergues
Tél : 09 81 31 63 84
06 84 35 36 62
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Our house

At the foot of the castle of  Chatillon which is the most remarkable monument of architecture of the Middle Ages that has the former province of Lyonnais. The oldest part of the building, which faces the chapel, dates back to the eleventh.

Our house still contains the remains of the ancient medieval village of entry door. It forms a set of 3 houses clustered over time and whose construction dates from the seventeenth century. Dovecote and sun terraces that give it a special character and history gives him a soul that is felt when the door we go ...


Beyond the charming lanscape that surrounds it, Châtillon has preserved the charm of its old town which always seems to take shelter at the foot of the old fortress dismantled.

From the house, a walk will take you to the countryside that stretch your feet in a harmonious way with hills covered with vineyards and woods, hamlets and farms which rise picturesquely with it and just some debris from the feudal age ...